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September 2005

meeting: weds 9/28 at 7pm at Margo's
leader: Margo
missing: Leslie, Frith
guests: author, Gabriella Mautner

Lovers and Fugitives
by Gabriella Mautner

book cover


This was our first meeting with an author. Gabriella Mautner graciously answered our questions about her books and read from her latest book, Der Gute Ort.

Dinner Theme

Rustic French and Swiss cuisine


Three Cheese Fondue with Champagne (Lena)
Duck and Smoked Sausage Cassoulet (Margo)
Sauteed Kale (Stacey)
Orange & Lemon Sponge Cake (Julieta)
Champagne (Margo)
Pinot Noir (Margo)

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