Fennel, Tangerine, Purple Carrot Salad

italian fennel salad

3 heads Fennel
4-6 (seedless or seeded) tangerines peeled and cut into ¼” thick wheels
Onions – I used about ½ sweet (Maui) onion sliced thinly (but one could use red onion or maybe 6 scallions chopped)
Maybe 10 or more olives pitted and chopped to ¼” dice (I HIGHLY recommend Provinces de France Brand Oil Cured Black Ripe Olives for their intense, wonderful, slightly bitter, and highly salty favor. I love these olives in contrast to the tangerines. I have an olive pitter, but you can easily pit these with a sharp knife.
1 Carrot chopped in rounds (I used a purple carrot) – optional – Mainly for color
Salt (Kosher, Fluer de Sel, or Jane’s Crazy Mixed up Salt – does not matter as long as it’s coarse) and pepper to taste.
Also, you could add any tree nuts that you like – maybe ½ c or so. (Peanuts might not work?)

Dressing – see below.

Serving bowl – I like a flattish, large white serving bowl for this dish. Use whatever bowl you like.

Peel tangerines and chop olives. (Can do the day before if you like and store in fridge in baggies.) Chop carrots and slice tangerine wheels. Set aside. Peel any bad leaves off the outside of the fennel bulb. Rinse and cut fennel bulb in to ¼” slices. The leaves will make “C” shaped pieces when sliced. Lay in serving bowl. (Note – fennel will brown quickly after slicing. I advise eating this salad relatively quickly after preparation.) Rise and tear off some frilly green fennel leaves and sprinkle lightly over the sliced fennel. Lay the tangerine wheels on top. Sprinkle the chopped carrots and olives on top. Pour dressing over the top. (I like to pour dressing from container in a thin stream and distribute it over salad. I don’t toss this salad really. It does not look as nice when tossed I think.) Salt and pepper to taste.

Dressing – 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil and 1/4 cup vinegar. Vinegar should be standard balsamic or a fruit flavored balsamic. Mix or shake to blend. I’ve been intending to try olive oil and pomegranate juice concentrate, but I have not done that yet.

Serves: 6-8

Source: Kelly's Italian friend, Carola Amelio

Prepared by: Kelly for the January 2009 meeting.