Epicureaders Members from Days Gone By

Epicureaders fondly remembers our past members who contributed to shaping the reading group over the years. We miss you!

Leslie Leslie (Dec 2000-Apr 2001; Nov 2004 - Jun 2007). Leslie impressed everyone with her incredible ability to juggle her on-call career as a doctor with 3 children and still find time for Epicureaders. Sam, her most recent child, was Epicureaders unofficial mascot from his birth until he was more than a year old when Leslie and family decided to relocate to beautiful Eugene, Oregon. Sam can be seen in photos from March 2006 to May 2007 (and before he was born in February 2006.) Leslie is an amazing cook and contributed some of our most memorable dishes, including an intriguing tapas dish (Lima Beans and Clams). Leslie has promised to be an Epicureaders guest when her trips back to San Francisco coincide with meetings. Leslie will be missed by all -- especially by her sister, Stacey who is co-founder of Epicureaders.
frith july 2005 Frith (Mar 2003 - Sep 2005). Frith rallied enthusiasm and hosted an all-dessert dinner at the August 2005 meeting -- one of the most memorable meetings and definitely the sweetest. Frith presented Epicureaders with enticing dinner themes such as the Memories dinner at the November 2003 meeting and the Surprising Ingredients dinner at the August 2004 meeting. The group looked forward to meetings at Frith's home where everyone (especially Julieta) could visit with Bob, her friendly whippet. Frith became mom to Coltrane Calder while a member of Epicureaders. Sadly for the group, she moved with her family to North Carolina. Frith is an avid cook, gracious host, and enjoys knitting. She has fabulous style and a generous heart. She is greatly missed by the group.
larisa december 2005 Larisa (Jan 2001- Feb 2003). Larisa championed the idea of reading a series of books in one theme. Epicureaders celebrated Beat Poetry in April 2002 and read a hallmark of Beat literature in May 2002. Larisa devoted her energy to building a business, Offhand Designs. She is a designer of extraordinary handbags which have been featured in national magazines such as Vogue Knitting International and Organic Style. Larisa has several lines of special function handbags for knitting, new moms, and even cosmetic bags. In her two minutes of spare time a month, Larisa enjoys reading and writing and shopping at her local farmers' market for fresh veggies.
lisa december 2005 Lisa (Aug 2000 - Oct 2001), an early member and talented chef, Lisa created delicious and inventive dishes such as Watercress and PIckled Ginger Wraps, Strawberry Pavlova, and Ring of Fish Mousse in Aspic a la Madame Verdurin. Lisa has worked in all types of restaurants from Bistro to Vegan. Lisa enjoys historical novels and cookbooks, and her latest passion is learning to play bass guitar. You will frequently find her shopping for ethnic foods on Clement Street, in the Mission, and at farmers' markets around San Francisco.
rosalie december 2003

Rosalie (Feb 2000 - Oct 2002), a charter member who continues to join us for the annual Epicureaders holiday celebration in December. Epicureaders relied on Rosalie's wine pairings and appetizing olives at dinners -- she wasn't particularly fond of cooking (although the dishes she prepared were wonderful!). Rosalie is a long time volunteer at the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco and enjoys italian literature (which she studied at Berkeley) including Italo Calvino. Other favorite authors of Rosalie's include Marguerite Yourcenar and Milan Kundera. Rosalie is a frequent traveller. Some of her favorite places to visit are Italy (not surprising), and any place warm (in contrast to chilly SF) including her homeland Jamaica.

margarette july 2005

Margarette (Feb 2000 - Oct 2001; Feb 2004 - Oct 2004), a charter member who rejoined Epicureaders briefly and has remained a frequent guest over the years. Margarette is an inventive cook and a talented costume designer and graphic designer. She has formal training in the arts from Budapest and earned an education degree in New England. Margarette hosted an engaging discussion of Epicureaders' favorite book "The Hearing Trumpet" at the March 2000 meeting. Margarette is an avid bicyclist and talented artist and has one of the world's cutest dogs - a french bulldog and chihuahua mix.