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October 2016

meeting: fri 10/14 at 7pm at Margo's
leader: Margo
missing: Kelly, Stacey


The Argonauts
by Maggie Nelson

book cover


Reading made a comeback! Margo and Lena read the book and we even spent some time discussing it. Margo decorated each place setting with a sugar skull tin of candies and "No tricks just treats" napkins. She had custom made cocktail napkins in a halloween theme with a photo of Epicureaders at Public Glass (see below). Margo and Julieta celebrated their birthdays and Margo, Julieta, and Heather made plans for a Ladies Auxiliary Drinking (in excess) Society trip to the Hotsy Totsy. Go LADIES (Epicureaders alter-ego!)

collage of photos

halloween napkin

Dinner Theme

Screechers, Rum that is!


Anise Champagne Cocktails (Margo)
Rosemary Pork Roast with Fennel and Green Olives (Margo)
Brussels Sprouts, Spinach Salad (from Whole Foods) (Heather)
Assorted pastries from Dianda's Italian Bakery: Cannoli, Eggnog rum cake, blackforest cake, tiramisu (Lena)