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October 2005

meeting: fri 10/28 at 7pm at Julieta's
leader: Julieta
missing: Leslie

Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life
by Queen Noor

book cover


"In celebration of holloween bring any funny or misterious story that happened to you in another country or any misundertand with any foreigner from any country that you had either in california or any other country that you visited recently." -- Julieta

Dinner Theme

Misterious Mediterranean Middle Eastern Feast


Babaghanou and Hummus (Julieta)
Olives and Cheese (Julieta)
Spicy Hummus and Dolmas (Margo)
Persian Chicken (Julieta)
Couscous (Julieta)
Vegetables and Broth for Couscous (Stacey)
Curried Couscous and Chickpea Salad (Margo)
Revani (Semolina Spongecake in syrup) with Pistachio and Vanilla Ice Creams (Lena)
Mint Tea (Stacey)
Red Wines (Margo)
White Wine (Julieta)

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