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November 2003

meeting: weds 11/19 at 7pm at Frith's
leader: Julieta

by Sandor Marai

book cover


Bring a dish that recalls a memory and share your memory with the group at dinner.

Memories and the past are obviously very important in the book, and I was struck by the way objects themselves seem to hold memories of people and events. Even without Proust's madeleine, we all know how food can evoke memories. So for the dinner, I'd like everyo ne to bring a dish that recalls a memory -- happy, funny, wistful, old, recent, whatever. Then while we're eating you can tell us why you chose your dish and what memory it holds for you. -- Frith

Dinner Theme



Austrian Green Bean Soup (Lena)
Celery, Leek and Potato Soup (Julieta)
Tuna Noodle Casserole (Frith)
Mixed Green Salad with Pears and Pine Nuts (Stacey)
Lemon-Glazed Brussels Sprouts (Julieta)
Pomegranate Seeds with Whipped Cream (Frith)
Maria's Cream Cheese Cookies (Margo)
Red wine from Ardeche and white wine (Julieta)

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