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  nov 2014 meeting cancelled   nov 2014 meeting cancelled  

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Movie night

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nov 2014 meeting cancelled august 2016 meeting september 2016 meeting argonauts   tbd
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Eyre Affair Eyre Affair Eyre Affair book image book image

Jan 2015
An International dinner at Stacey's

Feb 2015
15th Anniversary dinner at Kelly's

Mar 2015
Spring Forward dinner at Heather's

Apr 2015
Movie night and dinner out!

May 2015
PIzza dinner at Stacey's

Jun 2015

nov 2014 meeting cancelled nov 2014 meeting cancelled nov 2014 meeting cancelled tbd
Jul 2015

Aug 2015

Sep 2015
Super sexy dinner at Heather's

Oct 2015
Vintage Halloween at Margo's

Nov 2015 Dec 2015



book image book image   book image orphan masters son

Jan 2014
Lunar New Year dinnerat Heather's

Feb 2014
Dinner& Drinks at Tosca's

Mar 2014
No book selected; dinner at Kelly's

Apr 2014
Impromptu movie night

May 2014
A lovely spring dinner at Heather's

Jun 2014
Sumptuous Summer Fruit dinner at Margo's

orphan masters son orphan masters son orphan masters son orphan masters son nov 2014 meeting cancelled tbd
Jul 2014
Hungarian dinner at Lena's

Aug 2014
Last minute guests dinner at Lena's

Sep 2014
Celebration of Autumn dinner at Heather's

Oct 2014

Nov 2014
No book selected; meeting canceled
Dec 2014



book image book image book image book image book image book image

Jan 2013
Generation X dinner at Kelly's

Feb 2013
Hayes Street Grill & SF ballet, of course!

Mar 2013
Explicitly Indulgent dinner at Lena's

Apr 2013
at Stacey's

May 2013
New Wave Luau at Heather's

Jun 2013
Meeting canceled

aug meeting cancelled aug meeting cancelled aug meeting cancelled aug meeting cancelled aug meeting cancelled tbd
Jul 2013
A Summer Picnic Movie night at Lena's

Aug 2013
Flash Mob dinner at Heather's

Sep 2013
Warm Sangria Nights at Julieta's

Oct 2013
Halloween Time at Margo's

Nov 2013
Variety is the spice of life dinner at Kelly's
Dec 2013
Gatsy Christmas at Margo's



book image
book image book image book image book image book image
Jan 2012
No-brainer dinner at Stacey's
Feb 2012
Ladies Night Out at Cafe Jacqueline

Mar 2012
Spring Forward dinner at Heather's

Apr 2012
Poetry in Cuisine at Stacey's

May 2012
Kentucky Derby dinner at Julieta's

Jun 2012
Something Masculine at Kelly's

book image aug 2012 book sep 2012 book sep 2012 book neuromancer tbd
Jul 2012
Movie night (An Ideal Dinner) at Lena's

Aug 2012
Dinner at Pizzaiolo restaurant

Sep 2012
Housewarming at Heather's

Oct 2012
Dinner in the Infinite City at Margo's

Dec 2012



book tbd tbd tbd tbd
Jan 2011
Bourgeois Decadence dinner at Lena's
Feb 2011
dinner at Foreign Cinema

Mar 2011
Winter into Spring at Heather's

Apr 2011
Poetic dinner at Julieta's

May 2011
Summer Feast at Stacey's

Jun 2011
Pirates of the Caribbean at Margo's

tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd
Jul 2011
Buy It or Grill It dinner at Lena's

Aug 2011
Upper-Crusty English at House of Prime Rib

Sep 2011
Indian Summer dinner at Heather's

Oct 2011
Happy Halloween at Margo's

Nov 2011
Eclectic dinner at Kelly's
Dec 2011
Glitter & Sparkle party at Margo's



jan 2010
feb 2010 mar 2010 apr 2010 book book image

Jan 2010
dinner at Grand Cafe and Phedre at ACT

Feb 2010
Sentimental French Favorites at Lena's
Mar 2010
Mexican Magical Realism at Kelly's
Apr 2010
It's Ladies Night (art & margaritas)

May 2010
Pret-a-Manger dinner at Heather's

Jun 2010
A Spanish Feast at Margo's

jul 2010 aug 2010 sep 2010 oct 2010 book nov 2010 book holiday party
Jul 2010
Something Girlie dinner at Lena's

Aug 2010
Strike a Pose dinner at Heather's

Sep 2010
Pan-African dinner at Stacey's

Oct 2010
Halloween Fall Feast at Margo's

Nov 2010
California Eclectic dinner at Kelly's
Dec 2010
1960's Christmas A Go-Go at Margo's



jan 2009
feb 2009 mar 2009 apr 2009 may 2009 l'avventura movie
Jan 2009
Chez Panisse dinner at Stacey's
Feb 2009
"Cast the Demons Away!" at Heather's
Mar 2009
Dishes that pique your interest at Lena's
Apr 2009
Dinner at Zuni Cafe

May 2009
Brain Food dinner at Stacey's

Jun 2009
Enchanted Evening in Italy dinner at Lena's

july book aug meeting cancelled september book october book november book holiday party
Jul 2009
Earthy Delights dinner at Julieta's

Aug 2009
meeting canceled

Sep 2009
Chicken, chicken, chickn at Heather's

Oct 2009
Viva Italia!

Nov 2009
dinner out
Dec 2009
Holly Jersey Christmas at Margo's


jan 2008
feb 2008 marie antoinette book wreath
Jan 2008
Art is where you find it dinner at Heather's
Feb 2008
Unspoken Implied Mid Eastern at Stacey's
Mar 2008
Let Them Eat Cake dinner at Lena's
Apr 2008
Grand and Decadent dinner at Margp's

May 2008
Destination Paris dinner at Bistro Clovis

Jun 2008
A dandy Scandy dinner at Julieta's

marie antoinette 1938 movie aug 2008 sep 2008 oct  2008 meeting nov 2008 holiday party 2008
Jul 2008
Movie night: 'Vive la Reine!" at Lena's
Aug 2008
Enchanted Evening at Heather's

Sep 2008
Dream Meals at Stacey's

Oct 2008
Comforting fall dinner with friends at Lena's

Nov 2008
Mexican Feast at Julieta's
Dec 2008
Holiday Party at Margo's


jan 2006
Jan 2007
Animal Free dinner at Stacey's
Feb 2007
Pure, Natural dinner at Margo's
Mar 2007 Apr 2007
Foods you love dinner at Heather's
May 2007
Midwestern SIMUDinner at Leslie's

Jun 2007
Shakespeare Sonnets at The Pelican Inn

madonnas of leningrad snow crash world to come rebecca book party
Jul 2007
Movie night: Tiki Party at Lena's
Aug 2007
Russian dinner at Stacey's

Sep 2007
Enter the Tiki Zone at Trader Vic's restaurant

Oct 2007
The World to Come dinner at Julieta's

Nov 2007
English Country dinner at Lena's
Dec 2007
The Madonnas of San Francisco at Margo's



jan 2006 feb 2006
Jan 2006
British-American dinner at Leslie's
Feb 2006
Mysteries of Udolpho dinner at Stacey's
Mar 2006
A Decidedly Deep South Supper at Lena's
Apr 2006
Intriguing Dishes at Stacey's
May 2006
Seaside Fare at Leslie's
Jun 2006
Illuminated Old-World dinner at Julieta's
Jul 2006
Movie Night: Slumber Party at Lena's
Aug 2006
Fluffy Cloud-Like dinner at Stacey's

Sep 2006
Carnival Side-Show cuisine at Margo's

Oct 2006
Mediterranean Mystery Night at Julieta's

Nov 2006
A Tapas Buffet at Leslie's
Dec 2006
Holiday Party at Margo's




jan 2005

feb 2005

mar 2005

apr 2005

may 2005

jun 2005

Jan 2005
Persian dinner at Leslie's
Feb 2005
Fine French dinner at Frith's
Mar 2005
New England Literary Feast at Margo's
Apr 2005
Dishes with a Double Life at Lena's
May 2005
A Pravan Feast at Stacey's
Jun 2005
Jewish-Italian dinner at Leslie's
jul 2005 aug 2005 sep 2005 oct 2005 nov 2005 dec 2005
Jul 2005
Movie Night: Tropical dinner at Lena's
Aug 2005
Sweetness dinner at Frith's
Sep 2005
French and Swiss dinner at Margo's
Oct 2005
Misterious Mid-Eastern dinner at Julieta's
Nov 2005
Southwestern Food at Stacey's
Dec 2005
Lovely Lounge Christmas at Margo's



jan 2004 feb 2004 mar 2004 apr 2004 may 2004 jun 2004
Jan 2004
Extra Good Manners dinner at Stacey's
Feb 2004
Daisy's Roaring 20's Soiree at Lena's
Mar 2004
A Tuscan Odyssey dinner at Margo's
Apr 2004
Dinner at The Last Supper Club
May 2004
James Joyce's Irish Supper at Margarette's
Jun 2004
Venice Carnivale at Julieta's
jul 2004 aug 2004 sep 2004 oct 2004 nov 2004 dec 2004
Jul 2004
A Pizza Party at Lena's
Aug 2004
Surprising Ingredients dinner at Frith's
Sep 2004
Food that couldn't be pets at Margo's

Oct 2004
Meeting cancelled

Nov 2004
Pan-African Feast at Stacey's
Dec 2004
A Pink Christmas at Lena's



jan 2003 feb 2003 mar 2003 apr 2003 may 2003 jun 2003
Jan 2003
Winter in Wyoming at Julieta's
Feb 2003
Dinner and jazz at Jardiniere restaurant
Mar 2003
A Fragrant Spring Indian Feast at Lena's
Apr 2003
A Haiku Feast at Stacey's
May 2003
2 months to read June book
Jun 2003
A Russian Feast at Frith's
jul 2003 aug 2003 sep 2003 oct 2003 nov 2003 dec 2003
Jul 2003
A Tribute to French Cinema at Margo's
Aug 2003
A *Kavalier* Summer BBQ at Julieta's
Sep 2003
A Day at the Races at Lena's
Oct 2003
Day of the Dead at Stacey's
Nov 2003
Memories dinner at Frith's
Dec 2003
A Dickens Christmas at Margo's



jan 2002 feb 2002 mar 2002 apr 2002 may 2002 jun 2002
Jan 2002
Italian dinner at Rosalie's
Feb 2002
Current Favorites dinner at Stacey's
Mar 2002
Australian-Russian Brunch at Lena's
Apr 2002
Beat Poetry: Dinner at The Gold Spike
May 2002
Dinner at Cafe Prague, drinks at Vesuvio's
Jun 2002
Summer Picnic at Larisa's
jul 2002 aug 2002 no meeting sep 2002 oct 2002 nov 2002 dec 2002
Jul 2002
Movie Night: Tapas
Aug 2002
Sep 2002
Japanese dinner at Stacey's
Oct 2002
Childhood favorite recipes at Lena's
Nov 2002
Dinner at Le Central
Dec 2002
Xmas in King Arthur's Court at Margo's



jan 2001 feb 2001 mar 2001 apr 2001 may 2001 jun 2001
Jan 2001
New Orleans Mardi Gras at Lena's
Feb 2001
The Lazy Women's Supper at Margarette's
Mar 2001
Warm Comfort Food at Stacey's
Apr 2001
Springtime Food with Flowers at Lena's
May 2001
California Cuisine at Julieta's
Jun 2001
Fantasy Cruise Salad Bar at Larisa's
jul 2001 aug 2001 sep 2001 oct 2001 nov 2001 dec 2001
Jul 2001
Small (short) Dishes at Rosalie's
Aug 2001
French Bourgeois dinner at Lena's
Sep 2001
Pacifist No Body Parts dinner at Stacey's
Oct 2001
Dinner at Caffe Proust
Nov 2001
Autumn Harvest dinner at Julieta's
Dec 2001
Winter Solstice Christmas at Margo's



  feb 2000 mar 2000 apr 2000 may 2000 jun 2000 no meeting
  Feb 2000 - 1st meeting
Egyptian dinner at Stacey's
Mar 2000
Spanish Inquisitors dinner at Margarette's
Apr 2000
French dinner at Lena's
May 2000
Russian dinner at Margo's
Jun 2000

jul 2000 aug 2000 sep 2000 oct 2000 nov 2000 dec 2000
Jul 2000
Moroccan dinner at Julieta's
Aug 2000
Turkish dinner at Margarette's
Sep 2000
Italian dinner at Rosalie's
Oct 2000
American South dinner at Lena's
Nov 2000
Rustic Mid-Eastern dinner at Stacey's
Dec 2000
A White Christmas at Margo's