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May 2004

meeting: mon 5/3 at 7pm at Margarette's
leader: Margarette

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
by James Joyce

book cover


What with all the greenery of the spring season, it's only fitting that we celebrate in the Irish manner with the famed author of Eire, James Joyce.

Irish stew and white wine are purported to be JJ's faves according to Edna O'Brien, who, when asked who she'd most like to have for dinner, listed James Joyce as one of the guests! -- Margarette

Margo is bringing Joyce's favorite whiskey - Jameson so we can do some shots in his honor.

Dinner Theme

James Joyce's Irish Supper


Irish Bread with Smoked Salmon and Potted Crab (Margo)
Dilled Carrot Soup (Stacey)
Treacle Farls (dark bread) (Margarette)
Irish Stew (Margarette)
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Julieta)
Roquefort Potato Gratin (Lena)
Irish Coffee Meringues (Margarette)
Whiskey Cake (Frith)
Wine (Margarette)
Jameson Irish Whiskey (Margo)

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