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March 2011

meeting: thurs 3/31 at 7pm at heather's
leader: heather
missing: kelly


The Left Hand of Darkness
by Ursula LeGuin

book cover


Otto and Kurt made amazing chocolate covered marshmallow aliens to accompany the rainbow jello from another planet ring. It was a record-breaking warm evening and perfect for relaxing on Heather's deck. Annabelle is our newest epicureader and had fun on Stacey's shoulders during dinner.

march 2011 collage

Dinner Theme

"Winter" into Spring


Cheese, Artichoke Dip, Crackers & Bread (Heather)
Chicken Veronique (Heather)
"Jello From Another Planet"Rainbow Ribbon Jello and Marshmallow Aliens (Heather)
Radicchio MIxed Salad with Kumquats and Red Carrots (Stacey)
Gender Neutral Roasted Veggies (Yams, Carrots, Potatoes) (Margo)
Zax's Sweet Potato-Potato Gratin (Lena)
Lemon Cream Pie (from Andronico's ) (Julieta)