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March 2006

meeting: fri 4/7 at 7pm at Lena's
leader: Margo
missing: Margo (who had double pneumonia!)


A Summons to Memphis
by Peter Taylor


"I had hoped to read descriptions of home-cooked meals since I love Southern cooking, but savoring food didn’t seem to be an integral part of the Carver family as it is for most Southerners. The Carvers may have been a defiantly “Upper South” family, but in keeping with the incongruous spirit of the characters, our dinner theme will be “A Decidedly Deep South Supper”." -- Lena

Dinner Theme

A Decidedly Deep South Supper


Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey (Lena)
Pimento Cheese and Saltines (Lena)
Grilled Baby Back Pork Ribs with Mustard Bourbon Sauce (Lena)
Creamed Spinach (Julieta)
Green Bean and Hominy Succotash (Stacey) - Stacey didn't like this recipe
Baked Cheese Grits (Leslie)
Corn Bread Muffins from Powell's Place (Stacey)
Pecan, Caramel, and Fudge Pie (Lena)

Members’ Comments

The traditional Southern roles of the Carver family members slowly dissolve after their move from Nashville to Memphis. The mother, Minta becomes a recluse, the daughters – Betsy and Josephine, brazenly strike out on their own, and the sons, Georgie and Phillip both flee. George Carver, the father is least changed in his character throughout the story. His return to Memphis brings him closer to his origins in West Tennessee, although the Carvers for generations have been an “Upper South” family. (“There was nothing Deep South about our family – an important distinction in our minds.”). Epicureaders found the narrator character, Philip increasingly annoying as the story progressed. He was similar to the main character in Proust in his detachment, but expressed a narrower range of feelings. The father, George was most fully developed. His desperate attempt at courting made us wince with pity.