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March 2000

meeting: tues 3/28 at 7pm at Margarette's
leader: Stacey

The Hearing Trumpet
by Leonora Carrington
(suggested by Lena)

book cover

bookmark by: Margarette Mosley



Dinner Theme

The Curious Spanish Inquisitors' Dinner


Assorted Olives (Rosalie)
Toasted Crusty Bread with Garlic, Oil, and Tomato Rub (Margo)
Green & Red Pepper Tapas (Margarette)
Paella with Shrimp, Scallops, Chicken (Margarette)
Potato Omelets (Tortillas de Patatas) (Julieta)
Shrimp, Orange, Olive Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette (Margo)
Orange, Almond, Olive Oil Cake (Lena)
Mexican Chocolate Torte (with white chocolate hedgehogs as the four poles) (Lena)
Prune Sherry Ice Cream with Burnt Sugar Sauce and Toasted Almonds (Lena)
Wine: a Spanish red, Rioja "Ramirez de la Piscina", Porto (Rosalie)
Almond Horchata (Horchata de Almendra) (Margarette)
Sparkling Water with Orange Slices (Stacey)
Violet Pastilles (Lena)

Members’ Comments

Marian Leatherby's name is symbolic.  Leather = old, weathered; by = bee, the queen bee.  Marian is a reference to Mary. Was Marian senile?  How does this fit into the story?

What is the significance of the bungalow shapes?  Do they correspond with their occupants in any way?
Castle (main building with adjoining tower)
Tower (newer than the adjoining building, white washed, not more than 3 storeys tall; like a lighthouse)
Toadstools (pixielike dwellings) = Marquise (red toadstool with yellow spots)
Swiss chalet (really a cuckoo clock with a lead bird looking out the window) = Anna Wertz (chatty)
Boot = Veronica Adams
Birthday Cake = Maude and Vera Van Tocht
Circus Tent  (walk in and enjoy the show) = Georgina Sykes (tall with stylish clothes)
Eskimoo's Igloo = Natacha Gonzalez (heavy set)
Lookout = Marian Leatherby. What does a look out look like?  What is the significance?
Egyptian mummy
Railway carriages
Bee Pond

"Reading 'The Hearing Trumpet' liberates us from the miserable reality of our days." —Luis Bunuel

About the Author

Leonora Carrington (b. 1917), the Surrealist painter who lived with Max Ernst in 1930's Paris and subsequently emigrated to Mexico City, is also a writer of extraordinary imagination.

Left: "Dawn Horse" by Leonora Carrington;
Right: Leonora Carrington