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June 2011

meeting: fri 6/24 at 7pm at margo's
leader: lena
missing: kelly (in Spain!), heather


Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom
by Cory Doctorow

book cover


Margo festooned her home with pirate booty and wore a gorgeous flowing blouse and dagger in spirited pirate style. Everyone got some pirate booty -- gold coins from Miette. Margo racked up plenty of wuffie. We listened to Disney songs which made us all nostalgic. It was a magical evening.

photo collage june 2011

Dinner Theme

Pirates of the Caribbean Dinner


French Pirate cocktail (Margo)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Margo)
Assorted nuts (Margo)
Fresh Figs (Lena)
Cajun Swashbuckler Salmon & Pearls of the Caribbean (pearl couscous with crab)
Arg-ula Salad (Stacey)
Virginia Bakery Orange Sponge Cake (Julieta)
Lime-y Tartlets With Coconut Cream (Lena)
Rose wine (Lena)