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June 2006

meeting: thurs 6/29 at 7pm at Julieta's (at her temporary house in SF)
leader: Stacey


Everything is Illuminated
by Jonathan Safran Foer


A premium dinner in the spirit of the Old World. Please retain your spleening in suspension. The group surprised Stacey with a panini grill in celebration of her new career. Julieta presented each member with a fun coin purse (below left), and Margo presented Lena with a 1950s-style apron decorated with cherries and edged in tuile (below right). Sam had his first cold. He's pictured below sleeping peacefully.

Dinner Theme

Histrionical Concealments Made Naked, An Illuminated Old-World Dinner


Meaty Ukranian Borscht ("Deep Pink Liquid") (Stacey)
Smoked Salmon Roll Appetizers (store-bought) (Leslie)
Chicken with English and Sherry Sauce , Rice Pilaf, and Green Salad (Julieta)
Vatrushki (Cheese tartlets) (Margo)
Cabbage Salad (Margo)
Apricot Almond Layer Cake ("Concealed Apricot Cake with Premium Cream") (Lena)
White wine (Margo), Glen Ellen Merlot (Julieta), Sofia champagne (Lena)

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