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June 2003

meeting: mon 6/9 at 7pm at Frith's


Catherine the Great
by Isabel De Madariaga

book cover


We dedicated 2 months (May and June) to reading this book.

This is Frith's 3rd meeting with Epicureaders as a guest member and marks the end of her probationary period. Welcome, Frith!

Frith was regaled with purple gladiolas, and after dinner she accepted our invitation to join the group and was presented with the signature epicureaders *segmented* tupperware container personalized with her name as a welcoming gift (the tupperware was greeted with much excitement in anticipation of leftovers to come). we feted her with champagne. the *hazing* activities seemed to mostly involve overeating and drinking in excess!

Stacey presented us all with gorgeous, colorful silk scarves from Cambodia. She matched the colors to our personalities. Thank you, Stacey!

Julieta presented us with beautiful italian note papers which she initially envisioned as a welcome gift for frith but decided we all needed them too! Thank you Julieta, they are lovely.

Dinner Theme

A Russian Feast


Potatoes with Sour Cream and Caviar (Margo)
Mushroom Stroganoff (Frith)
Beet Salad (Julieta)
Russian Fruit Salad (Julieta)
Russian Salad (Stolichnyi Salat) (Margo)
Bittersweet Chocolate Marquise with Cherry Sauce (Lena)
Wine (Stacey)

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