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July 2010

meeting: fri 7/30 at 6:30pm at Lena's
leader: none
missing: Kelly (in Spain!)
guests: Margarette


Strangers on a Train
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

book cover


Brace yourself...our movie night dinner theme will be "Something Girlie". It goes without saying that we'll have plenty of champagne. Past member Margarette was our special guest and brought samples of the creative new line of skirts she designed.

july 2010 dinner

Dinner Theme

Something Girlie


Strawberry Prosecco Soup (Lena)
La Delice Brie and La Brea Whole Wheat Bread (Lena)
Slow-Roasted Tomato Mozzarella and Fig & Olive Rainforest Crackers (store-bought) (Lena)
Three Cheese Fondue with Champagne (Lena)
Gorgonzola & Pears with Raspberries & Flowers (Stacey)
Fruit and Vanilla Yogurt Dipping Sauce from Delessio's (Margo)
Quiche Lorraine (Julieta)
Baked Alaska (Lena)
Miniature cheesecakes from Whole Food's (Heather)
Assorted miniature desserts from Delessio's (Margo)
Elderflower Bubbly (Margarette)
Fancy caramels & chocolates (Margarette)
Champagne (Lena)