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July 2001

meeting: mon 7/23 at 7pm at Rosalie's
leader: everyone
missing: Stacey, Lisa, Margarette, Larisa

Short Story Interlude

book cover


Choose one brief short story for group discussion (about 10 pages is ideal). Make one copy for each member and pass out copies at the June 2001 meeting or send your short story via email. Members will read all stories. You will lead the discussion for your story.

Dinner Theme

Small (Short) Dishes --Tapas, Mezzes


Orange and Beet Salad (Margo)
Prosciutto-Wrapped Melon (Margo)
Spanish Tortillas -- vegetarian potato omelets with olives and spinach (Julieta)
Pasta Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Olives (Rosalie)
Olives (Rosalie)
Gouda Goat Cheese, Brie Cheese (Rosalie)
Shortcakes with Strawberries, Raspberries in Rosewater and Spiced Nectarines (Lena)
Pyramid Hefeweizen beer
1999 Roshambo Sauvignon Blanc, Frank Johnson Vineyards, Dry Creek Valley
1995 DeRose Cabernet Franc, Cardillo Vineyards

Short Stories

For the Relief of Unbearable Urges by Nathan Englander -- Lena

Let the Old Dead Make Room for the Young Dead by Milan Kundera (b. 1929) -- Rosalie

The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin (1850-1904) -- Larisa

The Devil and Daniel Webster by Stephen Vincent Benet (1898-1943) -- Margo

The Circular Ruins by Jorge Luis Borges -- Margarette

Women in Their Beds by Gina Berriault, 1997 (1926-1999) -- Julieta (Each member read a different chapter of this short story book.)