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July 2000

meeting: sun 7/16 at 1:30pm at Julieta's
leader: Stacey
guests: Joanne Miller

The Sheltering Sky
by Paul Bowles

book cover


Julieta promises to cook her Chicken and Pears dish with members who expressed fervent interest in the recipe.

Dinner Theme



Beef Kebabs (Kebab Koutbane) (Margo)
Melon Slices (Melon a la Morocaine) (Margo)
Harira (Margarette)
Spicy Vegetable Couscous (Rosalie)
Rice Pilaf (mix from Trader Joes) (Julieta)
Spinach with Chickpeas (Julieta)
Moroccan Carrot and Orange Salad (Stacey)
Mediterranean Chicken with Pears (Julieta)
Orange-Cinnamon Sherbet La Mamounia (Lena)
Date and Almond Truffles (Lena)
Lemonade (Julieta)
Red Wine (Rosalie, Joanne)
Mint Tea (Margarette)

Members’ Comments


About the Author

Official Paul Bowles website

Paul Bowles: wikipedia entry

1949 NY Times book review of Sheltering Sky by Tennessee Williams titled "An Allegory of Man and His Sahara"

University of Delaware Library, Special Collections Department, Paul Bowles Online Exhibition and Internet Source Page, lists primary sources at libraries and other websites