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January 2013

meeting: thurs 1/31 at 7pm at Kelly's
leader: Heather
missing: Stacey


Generation X: Tales of an accelerated culture
by Douglas Coupland

book cover


Kelly reprised her stunning Rosemary Olive Chicken and we had one or two bellissimas. Lena was initially terrified that we might not have dessert, but fortunately, Heather's chocolate cake tower ala 1990's saved the day.

jan 2013 collage

Dinner Theme

Generation X


Bellissima cocktails (Lena)
Manchego & Mushroom Brie cheeses and crackers (Julieta)
Rosemary Olive Chicken (Kelly)
Potato, Fennel Gratin Tart from Mission Pie (Lena)
Shrimp, Orange, and Olive Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette (Margo)
Chocolate Cake Tower ala 1990's (Heather)
Wine (Julieta)