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January 2011

meeting: fri 1/28 at 7pm at Lena's
leader: margo
missing: julieta, heather
guests: leslie


The Unpossessed: A Novel of the Thirties
by Tess Slesinger

book cover


I simply can't imagine a hunger march for Epicureaders. Let's rebel against the faux-marxists in The Unpossessed, and celebrate the 1930's in decadent bourgeois style. I'll make a tantalizing main course, a potato dish - full of excess to be sure, and a Golden Rum Cake for dessert (since booze is a critical component of decadence).

Our signature cocktails will be the Pink Lady and Classic martinis. In compliance with bourgeois (and decadent) standards, I'll also have champagne chilling for you upon arrival (and a platter with our favorite La Delice de Bourgogne cheese.) Appetizers, salads, veggies or more wine (reinforcements) are graciously welcomed.

Leslie and Charlie visited! Annabelle enjoyed her view from Stacey's lap of the feast.


Dinner Theme

Bourgeois Decadence


Martinis (Lena)
Pink Lady cocktails (Lena)
Champagne (Lena)
Cheese platter with La Delice de Bourgogne (Lena)
Scallops with Mushrooms in White Wine Sauce (Coquilles St.-Jacques) (Lena)
Double-Baked Roquefort Potatoes (Lena)
Crab Louie (Margo)
Waldorf Salad (Kelly)
Glazed Rainbow Carrots (Stacey)
Golden Rum Cake (Lena)