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January 2009

meeting: fri 1/23 at 7pm at Stacey's
leader: Lena
guests: Kelly


Alice Waters and Chez Panisse
by Thomas McNamee

book cover


In true Chez Panisse spirit, we should get together and drink
lots of wine and plan the menu collaboratively, but this is 2009, and
we'll have to do it on email. Let yourself feel the inspiration. Stacey's friend from college, Kelly, joined us and brought a fabulous salad. Kelly was not daunted in the least by the dinner theme at her first meeting and showed her creative cooking talents with a beautiful multi-color salad (pictured below).

jan 2009 meeting

Dinner Theme

Chez Panisse-inspired dinner


Cheese, Bread, and Artichoke Tapenade (Julieta)
Chez Panisse Herbed Almonds (Margo)
Roast Pork Loin with Garlic and Fennel (Stacey)
Baked Goat Cheese with Garden Lettuces (Margo)
Fennel, Tangerine, Purple Carrot Salad (Kelly)
Yukon Gold Potato Puree (Heather)
Lindsey Shere's Almond Tart (Lena)
Vanilla Snow (Lena)
Spanish sparkling wine, Albero (Julieta)
Champagne (Margo)
Pacific Rim Riesling, Bonny Doone (Kelly)
Castlerock Merlot (Lena)