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January 2008

meeting: fri 1/25 at 7pm at Heather's
leader: Lena
guests: Charles Kieser


The Accidental Masterpiece: On the Art of Life and Vice Versa
by Michael Kimmelman

book cover


Our dinner theme is simply "art is where you find it!" Charles came along for the evening which was a pleasant surprise. He was patient and waited quietly in the living room. He deserves a huge reward for that! Margo created a still life with fruit and brandy based on a Chardin still life (See photos).

collage of photos from january 2008 epicureaders meeting

Dinner Theme

Art is where you find it


Roast Goose with Apple, Pear & Cranberry Stuffing (Heather)
Roasted Winter Vegetables (Margo)
Rice Pilaf with Peas and Carrots (Julieta)
Winter Salad with Roasted Fennel and Blood Oranges (Stacey)
Hazelnut Cake with Roasted Pears (Lena)

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