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January 2007

meeting: tues 1/30 at 7pm at Stacey's
leader: Heather
guests: Skye Alexander


You're an Animal, Viskovitz
by Alessandro Boffa, John Casey

book cover


"In honor of all the animals in the book, I'm hosting an Animal Free Dinner." - Stacey. "I was wondering if perhaps you would instruct us to make food using our least favorite character!" - Margo. Epicureaders welcomes special guest Skye Alexander.

Dinner Theme

Animal Free Dinner


Mushroom and Radicchio Risotto (Stacey)
Spicy Spinach Linguini with Olive Oil and Garlic (Margo)
Asparagus Quiche (Skye)
Caribbean Vegetable Stew with Brown Rice (Heather)
Ginger Pineapple Tropical Fruit Salad (Heather)
Pasta Salad with Edamame, Green Beans and Olives (Julieta)
Brown Butter Pear Tart with Anise Seeds (Lena)
Chocolate-Covered Almonds and Fresh Raspberries (Leslie)
Champagne (Stacey)

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