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January 2006

meeting: thurs 1/19 at 7pm at Leslie's
leader: Lena
missing: Julieta, Stacey

Little Black Book of Stories
by A.S.Byatt

book cover


To mark the end of our 6th year together, we will informally discuss favorite books and dishes and make suggestions for improving Epicureaders. Think about what you would like from our reading group and how it could be better. Bring your ideas!

Dinner Theme

Hearty Traditional British-American Meal (the stories sound like they
take place in cold parts of England)


Prime Rib with Madeira Sauce and Herbed Yorkshire Pudding (Leslie)
Four Onion Gratin (Margo)
Roasted Winter Root Vegetables (Lena)
Strawberry Yogurt Cake (from a local bakery) (Lena)

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