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January 2005

meeting: weds 1/26 at 6:30pm at Leslie's
leader: Julieta

Reading Lolita in Tehran
by Azar Nafisi

book cover


To mark the end of our 5th year together, we will informally discuss favorite books and dishes and make suggestions for improving Epicureaders. Think about what you would like from our reading group and how it could be better. Bring your ideas!

Dinner Theme



Cucumber & Mint Yogurt Dip (Lena)
Ghormeh Sabzi with Basmati Rice (Leslie)
Persian Rice Pilaf with Green Herbs (Sabzi Polo) (Stacey)
Fresh Herb Kuku (Frith)
Salad-e Shirazi (Salad with Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Onions and Mint) (Margo)
Persian Creme and Almond Puff Cake (Julieta)

Members’ Comments

Is a very eloquent memoire of the author. Explaining how powerful reading and art is for people living under any tyranny. Reading and exchaging ideas under circumstances helps us to identity the exsitence of a human being. As an individual and idenpedent thinker is the right to any human, either woman or man to express any idea is freedom. And read is powerful especcially under the repression of the country of Teheran. Ms. Nafisi explain in meticulous details her meeting with a group of students from the University of Teheran which she lectures and read the western texts and for embracing ambiguities such as ambiguities became offenses and they attacked them , for not wearing the veil in the propper manner, for refusing to espouse hard line ideological stance. Ms. Nafisi gives an inspirational lesson of values as a woman thinker and powerful reminder of our integraty and the gift of freedom we have as a westerners. The book is also very informativeabout political and history from Teheran and its consecuencies in modern times. We are lucky to meet every month with our group to disccus ideas and our favorite authors without being repress. --Julieta Zuniga