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January 2004

meeting: fri 1/30 at 7pm at Stacey's
leader: Stacey


Forgetting Elena
by Edmund White

book cover


Instructions from the host: Make sure to wear your blue scarf or white pants, Bring an exquisite dish which is perfect just by chance, Accompanied by a poem explaining the circumstance. And don't worry! Everyone will love you, even if you sometimes say the wrong thing.

We should all write spontaneous poems about our dishes as we arrive--I will provide pen and paper, and make sure you bone up on the poetic meter.

From Frith: The required attire is obvious. And, of course, you will be mocked if you're not wearing the right sort of thing.

To mark the end of our fourth year together, we will informally discuss favorite books and dishes and make suggestions for improving Epicureaders. Think about what you would like from our reading group and how it could be better. Bring your ideas!

Margarette returns to Epicureaders beginning this month. Welcome back, Marg!

Dinner Theme

The Extra-Good Manners Dinner


Perfectly Poached Shrimp with Green Goddess Sauce (Lena)
Paella Marinera with Seafood (Julieta)
Spinach Cakes with Shiitake Mushrooms and Goat Cheese with Salsa Verde (Stacey)
Stunningly Simple Salad of Pale Greens with Watercress Dressing (Margo)
Spiced Lentils with Apple Crisps and Curried Yogurt (Margarette)
An Amusing Dessert -- Hazelnut Torte from Whole Foods (Frith)
Wines: Brampton Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa, Tempranillo, Brut Rose Champagne (Lena)

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