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January 2002

meeting: tues 1/22 at 7pm at Rosalie's

A Coin in Nine Hands
by Marguerite Yourcenar

book cover


To mark the end of our second year together, we will informally discuss favorite books and dishes and make suggestions for improving Epicureaders.

Dinner Theme



Bruschetta (Larisa)
Spicy Green Sicilian Olives (Rosalie)
Pescadero Homemade Goat Cheese (Rosalie)
Kalamata Rosemary Bread (Rosalie)
Italian Anise Bread (Margarette)
Nine Vegetable Manicotti (Lena and Lisa)
Roasted Potatoes and Artichokes (Patatine E Carciofi Arrosto) (Margo)
Frittata (Julieta)
Anarchy Cake (Lena)
Gelato (Stacey)
Wines (Rosalie)
Oranges (Margarette)

Members’ Comments


About the Author

1903-87, French writer, b. Belgium as Marguerite de Crayencour. The first woman elected (1980) to the prestigious French Academy, Yourcenar moved to the United States in 1939 and became an American citizen in 1947. Combining vast erudition with clarity and a classical sense of form, her novelistic reconstructions of historical eras and people have reached a wide audience. Her many works include Memoirs of Hadrian (1951, tr. 1954), concerning the Roman emperor; The Abyss (1968, tr. 1984), set in 16th-century N Europe; and Labyrinthe du monde (3 vol., 1974-88), a historical memoir of her own family.

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