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February 2015

meeting: mon 2/23 at 7pm at Kelly's
leader: Margo
missing: Julieta, Heather


The Blind Assassin
by Margaret Atwood

book cover


We had the pleasure of celebrating our 15th anniversary on the actual day - February 23. Kelly made a delicous chicken dish and the best gin and tonics, and Margo brought some lovely clothes to share.

Dinner Theme

Happy 15th Anniversary


Gin and Tonic cocktail (Kelly)
Champagne (Margo)
Brie cheese and Acme olive bread (Lena)
Lemon Pepper Chicken with Curry Sauce (Kelly)
Romanesco broccoli (Kelly)
Romaine, Frisee, Watercress Salad with English Peas and Carrot Coins (Kelly, Stacey)
Steamed Asparagus (Kelly)
Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake (store-bought) (Lena)
Lemoncello almonds (Lena)