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February 2009

meeting: sun 2/22 at 10:30am at Heather's
leader: Julieta
guests: Kelly


The Heretic's Daughter
by Kathleen Kent

book cover


I'm excited to be hosting our brunch this Sunday, but goodness, the food references in this book (bear? hard bread?... maple syrup... ah, maple syrup!) I'm going to plan to make baked orange french toast with an orange liqueur sauce, which has nothing to do with it! - Heather

feb 2009 collage

Dinner Theme

"Cast the Demons Away!" Brunch


Baked Orange French Toast (Heather)
Spanish Tortilla (Julieta)
Chicken Apple Sausages (store-bought, Aidell's) (Lena)
Old Salem Pumpkin Muffins (Margo)
Salem Sugar Cake (Margo)
Corn Bread (garnished with Coffee Cake Maple Crumble or Grated Parmesan Cheese) (Kelly)
Butter Pecan Bundt Cake (Kelly)
Apple Tansey (Stacey)
Berries Brulee (Lena)
Fresh Fruit (blueberries, blackberries and black grapes) (Julieta)
Mimosas (Heather)