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December 2009

meeting: fri 12/11 at 7pm at Margo's
leader: Margo
missing:Stacey & Julieta will come late
guests: Lisa


Holiday Party

book cover


This year we're doing something different for the gift exchange. Bring a gift with a maximum value of $25 to exchange. The gift theme is "frivolity". Rosalie is in Italy this year and won't be joining us. While the idea of Margarette and Leslie carpooling from Oregon seemed logical, alas, it was not practical.

We’re going with the Jersey theme for Christmas this year! What a great opportunity to be totally outlandish! I, for one, plan to do my part and will devise a menu of fabulous Jersey-esque cuisine and libations. I’ll circulate more information about that as it transpires but it will no doubt be meaty. So, in Lena’s immortal words: “i see us in tight clothes, snake skin/animal prints, very big hair, very spiky shoes, gum-chewing, heavy makeup”, and Heather’s comment: “Haha! What comes to mind for me is the over-the-top decorated sweaters”, go for it!!

december photo collage
december photo  collage 2

Dinner Theme

A Holly Jersey Christmas (Italian Feast)


Ginger Applejack Manhattan (Apparently very popular in NJ. After all, Manhattan’s just across the bog!) (Margo)
Champagne (Lena)
Cocoa-crusted Beef Braised in Rosso Conero Wine (Brasato di manzo al Rosso Conero) (Margo)
Festive Salad: Endive and Pear Salad with Gorgonzola Cream Dressing (Margo)
Baked Ziti (Heather)
Potatoes Simmered in Saffron Butter (Lena)
Hazelnut & Almond Meringue Cake (Dacquoise) (Lena)