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December 2007

meeting: fri 12/7 at 7pm at Margo's
leader: none
guests: Larisa and baby Nathaniel


Holiday Party

book cover


Due to our purity of heart, superior intellect, divine virtue and exemplary behavior, and in light of the fact we've recently read the book by Debra Dean, this Christmas we shall be...The Madonnas of San Francisco!

This is of course subject to broad interpretation. As polar opposites we have the Licentious Ladies of Leningrad and the favorite former Material Girl. For the art history buffs, think Daring da Vinci, Tantalizing Titian, Ravishing Raphael or even Blazing Bottecelli! If you're feeling really wild, go Biblical!!

Be sure to don your (gay) apparel, beatific smiles and of course a holier than thou attitude.

december 2007 photos
december 2007 photos

Dinner Theme

The Madonnas of San Francisco


Champagne (Margo and Lena)
Madonna Martinis (Margo)
Assorted nuts, olives and cheeses (Margo)
"Virgin Mary" Aspic (Margo)
Pious Pork Tenderloin with Cider Glaze, Dried Fruits and Extra Virgin
Olive Oil
Saint Andre and Fingerling Potato Pies
7th Heaven Quiche Lorraine (Julieta)
Beatific Green Beans with Tarragon (Heather)
Arugula Salad with Pomegranate, Persimmon, Pecans, and Extra VIRGIN Olive Oil (Stacey)
Heavenly Coconut Rum Cake (Lena)

madonna from sfmitch.blogspot.com
image: sfmitch.blogpot.com, tuesday, July 10, 2007