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December 2006

meeting: fri 12/8 at 7pm at Margo's
leader: none
guests: Rosalie Lack, Larisa Snydal, Lisa Storhaug


Holiday Party

book cover


"Shoes" is the theme of the party. Optional: read the other Cloud Atlas. See August 2006 meeting for details. At this point I think the menu has themed itself into a Regal Repast of Decadent Delicacies, and with our over-all “shoe” theme, I like to think of it as kind of a Babes in Toyland!

Dinner Theme

Regal Repast of Decadent Delicacies Dinner


Drunken Goat Cheese and French cheese (Stacey)
Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Cream Cheese (Margo)
Chicken Breasts in Champagne (Margo)
Brussel Sprouts and Walnuts with Fennel and Shallots (Heather)
Potato Gratin with Dried Plums (Lena)
Quiche Lorraine (Julieta)
Roasted Butternut Squash (Leslie)
Winter Salad with Persimmons and Feta (Stacey)
Double Chocolate Torte (Lena)
Wine (Rosalie and Larisa)
Champagne (Lena and Margo)

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