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April 2011

meeting: thurs 4/28 at 7pm at julieta's
leader: none
guests: margarette


Poetry Interlude

book cover


It's our first poetry interlude in two years. Stacey is celebrating Annabelle's 6th month birthday and won't be attending, but she'll be here in spirit. Margo came festooned in tiara and white ruffled gloves for the royal wedding of William & Kate (1am Pacific Time!), and Margarette was a most-welcome surprise guest. Kelly's poem came in a chocolate bar (pictured middle).


Dinner Theme

Don't Look at the Falling Ceiling


Mondo Salami & Cheddar Cheese plate (Heather)
Cheese (Margarette)
Dolmas (Julieta)
Chicken with Pears and Saffron Rice (Julieta)
Poetic Spinach Salad with Mango and Candied Pecans (Margo)
Spring Fresh Asparagus (Kelly)
Champagne (Margo)
Sofia Rose wine (Lena)
Wine (Heather, Margarette)
Dreamy Strawberry Sheet Cake (Lena)


To The Reader: Polaroids by Chase Twichell-- Lena

Wild NIghts by Emily Dickinson -- Kelly

Selections from Lorca -- Julieta