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April 2008

meeting: fri 5/2 at 7pm at Margo's
leader: none


Poetry Interlude

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Since we're contemplating both poetry and Marie Antoinette I can't help thinking of them in relation to each other. Did you realize that William Blake and Robert Burns are both contemporaries of Marie? And that our war of independence happened during her purview? Boggles the mind! There were, unfortunately for her, many "poems" written about her during her lifetime, but these were part of the nefarious plot to discredit here in the eyes of the French people and are not too flattering! Here is one, translated to English:

"Our lascivious Queen,
With Artois the Debauched,
Together with no trouble,
Commit the sweet sin,
But what of it,
How could one find harm in that?

This fine pair,
Have certainly convinced us,
That the great King of France,
Is a perfect cuckold,
But what of it,
How could one find harm in that?"

The poor dear! But then her behavior was fairly atrocious! So we've got kind of a mixed theme for dinner, and rather than Revolutionary Cuisine, I think we should opt for a Grand and Decadent Dinner with Poetic Nuance. Marie would have wanted it that way. I will prepare, Pancetta Roasted Chicken with Walnut Stuffing. I'll also open a bottle or two of champagne and wine so that we can celebrate our poetry and live nearly as decadently as the two headless monarchs!

marie antoinette toy

Dinner Theme

Grand and Decadent Dinner with Poetic Nuance


Endive with Apple, Blue Cheese and Toasted Hazelnuts (Heather)
Pancetta Roast Chicken with Walnut Stuffing (Margo)
Potatoes Dauphinoise (Margo)
Champagne interlude
Quiche (Julieta)
Champagne interlude
Decadent Sauteed Spinach co-mingled with shallots and garlic (Heather)
Decadent French desserts from Tartine: Passion Fruit Lime Bavarian, Cocoa Nib Rochers, Chocolate Friands (Lena)
Champagne grand finale


This Is Just to Say by William Carlos Williams -- Stacey

CHI OF LOVE AND HATE by Richard Denner (a friend of Stacey's) -- Stacey