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April 2006

meeting: fri 4/21 at 7pm at Stacey's
leader: none
guests: Margarette Mosley


Poetry Interlude

book cover


"I decided after Lena mentioned her champagne terrine that the theme should be intriguing dishes that we've never made before. Unlike the rest of you, I'm not usually very into taking culinary risks, but there are a number of dishes I'm interested in trying. I'll make some sort of fish or chicken dish with a springy feel to it. If anything turns out to be a flop, don't worry! We'll just run to the store." -- Stacey

Julieta brought jars of preserved lemons and green olives for members to make delicious Moroccan Lemon Chicken. Margarette brought gifts for everyone.

Dinner Theme

Intriguing dishes that we've never made before


Assorted Olive and Cheeses (Julieta)
Carmelized Leek Soup (Leslie)
Roasted Salmon and Rhubarb served with Brown Rice and Asparagus (Stacey)
Fennel, Onion and Orange Gratin (Margo)
Artichoke and Grapefruit Salad from Chez Panisse (Margarette)
Champagne and Berry Terrine with Raspberry Coulis (Lena)
Sarah Bernhardt Cookies (Lena)
Sofia champagne (Lena)


Optimism by Jane Hirshfield -- Lena

Seashell by Federico Garcia Lorca -- Julieta

Crow Testament by Sherman Alexie -- Margarette (guest)